When will I be notified if I made the team?

Tryout videos are reviewed as they are received, so please allow for up to 2 weeks after your submission for a final decision.

Will there be an option for in-person tryouts?

We currently do not plan to have in-person tryouts. However, if there are still spots available on the team at the beginning of the fall semester, we may hold additional in-person tryouts.

Is tumbling required to make the team?

There are no set requirements to make the team, but having tumbling helps improve your chances of making it. We recommend having a standing back handspring and any running tumbling into a tuck or layout.

What does the practice schedule look like for USC Cheer?

USC Cheer has practice every Tuesday 7-10pm and Sunday 7-10pm. A third practice will be added when needed, but the day/time is TBD.

What competitions does USC Cheer compete at?

USC Cheer competes at USA Collegiate Championship in Anaheim, CA and NCA College Nationals in Daytona, FL. We also perform at some larger campus events such as Conquest.

USC Cheer Team 2022-2023 Virtual Tryouts


Please create an unlisted YouTube link with a video of you showing your best cheerleading skills. Please only choose videos taken from the past 2 years because we want to see your most current skills. The video should include:


  • Stunting Skills: please note which position you are in the videos

    • Group Stunts

    • Pyramids

    • Basket Tosses

    • Coed Style Stunts (one base under the flyer)

  • Jumps

    • Toe-Touch

    • Pike

    • Hurdler (left or right)

    • Combination of 3 Jumps

    • Toe Touch to Backhandspring 

  • Tumbling Skills

    • Running Tumbling (anything starting with a roundoff or cartwheel)

    • Standing Tumbling 


Please include as many of these elements as possible. If you are unable to do any of these skills, you can still submit a tryout video without them. Although there are no set requirements to make the team, showing strong skills and experience will improve your chances. We highly recommend having at least a standing backhandspring and round off backhandspring tuck for your best chances of making the team in addition to previous stunting experience.


To submit your video, please complete the Google Form linked below. Make sure to complete all fields on the form.



All tryout submissions must be submitted by June 1st, 2022. Once your video has been reviewed, you will be notified if you made the team or not. Good Luck! *please note that you are expected to be able to do all the skills in your tryout video when practices start in August. If you are unable to do so, then your membership on the team may be put on a probation or revoked altogether.

If you have any questions or concerns about the tryout process, please email Coach Brigette at cheer@usc.edu